For Great Ideas... Just Ask T.H.E.M.

When you want to solve a privacy issue and think it may lead to even more invasion of that very privacy you wanted... ask T.H.E.M. for ideas. We do not know it all, and we learn every day. It is that attitude and fearlessness when it comes to finding solutions to your problem that makes us who we are. We are not afraid to ask and learn from someone else, anyone else who just may know for sure of even just have a better idea. We all have a common goal that sometimes we just want to be left alone. 

What we believe as a Free People 

As U.S. Military Veterans, many of us fought for those certain inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Only to return home to the prying eyes and opinions of people who think their opinion is the only one that really matters. Those people in glass houses prying into your business need to know Freedom is mostly Freedom from their prying eyes and gossiping rudeness.   

Why Choose Us

Reality is for people who lack imagination!... We think on our feet outside the box in the pursuit of Happiness.

Unique Ideas

Just because we don't really know today, does not mean we give up and won't find an answer tomorrow. We are never afraid to ask. Because someone has been there and done that before.

Ordinance Compliant

We look for the exception to the rule because we are the exceptional company of people who are not afraid to learn not what you  have to do but what you CAN do.

No Prying Eyes

Your Privacy is our primary goal It simply is no one else's business.

Affordable Prices

Anything worth doing ... is worth doing without the government making money off of you for doing it. We want to keep your privacy affordable by always looking for a better way.

Our Team

Let's ust say we are good people who care about you.

John Doe

Owner/Security Specialist

Risk Management Specialist, Even god doesn't know who he is...

Jane Doe


I don't know where she gets these ideas but they actually work


Judge of Character

Let's just say I trust his opinion of you more than your opinion of yourself. If the dog doesn't like you something just doesn't smell right. 


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